The Importance of Scheduling Annual, Eye Exams
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The Importance of Scheduling Annual, Eye Exams

A few years ago, my dear maternal grandmother visited an optometrist. After thoroughly examining my grandmother’s eyes, this medical professional informed her that she had cataracts in both of them. Concerned, my grandmother immediately made an appointment with a surgeon. The two surgeries to remove the cataracts from my grandmother’s eyes were successful. Scheduling annual eye exams is crucial. During these appointments, your optometrist will check for potentially harmful conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, retinal detachment, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. On this blog, I hope you will discover the most important reasons you should visit your eye doctor every year. Enjoy!


The Importance of Scheduling Annual, Eye Exams

Looking For The Most Suitable Contact Lenses? 3 Critical Points To Guide You

Stella Harvey

If you feel that the time to wear contact lenses has come, you definitely need to ensure you get the most suitable ones. You could also be too keen on various visual details. And although getting contact lenses for the first time is usually exciting, you should pay attention to some things to ensure the experience isn't intimidating. It's important to know that contact lenses are medical devices that require careful handling. And since you need contact lenses to enhance vision and protect your eyes, you should ensure you choose the right ones. Here are three tips to help you when choosing contact lenses.

Know Their Maintenance Requirements

Contact lenses should be kept clean at all times if you want them to serve you effectively. However, it's always important to let the expert carry out the cleaning process. Most optometrists give specific care instructions for the lenses to ensure you do it correctly. In most cases, a multipurpose solution is recommended, but you should seek help from your doctor on proper use. It's usually recommended that you clean your lenses whenever you remove them and keep them in a safe case when not in use.

Follow the Eye Doctor's Guidance

Wearing contact lenses is a huge decision, and you should seek professional help whenever possible. And since these lenses come in different styles and types, it's important to seek guidance from the eye doctor when buying yours. In fact, it's even recommended to talk to an optometrist when substituting the lenses or their care product. So don't let the packaging labels in the market mislead or confuse you. Always ensure you stick to what the doctor recommends to avoid issues.

Keep an Eye on the Replacement Schedule

Although contact lenses are meant to enhance protection, they will not serve you forever. A time will come when they will not be strong and reliable enough, which means you will have to replace them. If the lenses are no longer useful and reliable, let your eye doctor advise you on the lenses you should get to replace them. In most cases, the eye doctor gives a replacement schedule to guide the wearer, so the lenses are replaced consistently. Don't use the lenses longer than your eye doctor recommends because it may cause problems with your eyes.

Wearing contact lenses, especially for the first time, feels good and is quite exciting. However, one needs to stick to certain rules to ensure they get the right ones and maintain them. The above three points help ensure that your lenses add significant value to your life.