The Importance of Scheduling Annual, Eye Exams
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The Importance of Scheduling Annual, Eye Exams

A few years ago, my dear maternal grandmother visited an optometrist. After thoroughly examining my grandmother’s eyes, this medical professional informed her that she had cataracts in both of them. Concerned, my grandmother immediately made an appointment with a surgeon. The two surgeries to remove the cataracts from my grandmother’s eyes were successful. Scheduling annual eye exams is crucial. During these appointments, your optometrist will check for potentially harmful conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, retinal detachment, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. On this blog, I hope you will discover the most important reasons you should visit your eye doctor every year. Enjoy!


The Importance of Scheduling Annual, Eye Exams

Can Eye Makeup Threaten Your Vision?

Stella Harvey

Many women and some men can't imagine leaving the house without their eye makeup on. When used correctly, eye makeup safely enhances your natural beauty. However, when you are careless with these cosmetics, you can harm your eyes.


Nothing can perk up your look more quickly than applying mascara before heading to work or school. Often, people keep their mascara for too long. You should get rid of any mascara that is older than five months. After a while, your old mascara becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. This bacteria can easily be introduced to your eye by mishandling your brush. You might not even notice a slight scratch on the eye, but you can end up with a nasty infection. If not properly treated, your vision could be affected.


Eyeliner can also be a problem for your eyes. You do need to store it carefully, always keeping the cap on your eyeliner. According to experts, the biggest vision problem may stem from the way you apply your eyeliner. If you choose to place the eyeliner on the inner lid, you may bet a glamorous look, but you may also get an eye full of nasty eyeliner particles that can stick to your eye and your contacts, causing blurry vision. This debris can irritate your eyes, particularly if it accumulates under your lenses. It could also potentially scratch your cornea. To avoid this issue, use liner underneath your lower lashes and above your upper lashes. Also, change out your eyeliner frequently, particularly if it is liquid.

Eye Shadow

Eye shadow should also be regularly thrown out and new shadow purchased. The applicators can easily become contaminated and filled with dirt, old powder, and bacteria. To avoid this problem, buy disposable applicators and keep them in a closed container. If you have contacts, powder shadows may cause irritation by clinging to the surface of your lenses. Old clumps of shadow can also scratch your cornea, allowing dangerous bacteria to enter your eye.

Your eye makeup should be safe if you keep it fresh and apply it properly. Never, ever share your eye makeup, and if someone is "doing" your makeup for you, ask how they keep their supplies bacteria free. Looking good is important, but seeing well is essential. If you suspect that you have scratched your eye or your eye is inflamed, contact your eye care professional at a place like Mall Vision Center LLC as soon as possible.