The Importance of Scheduling Annual, Eye Exams
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The Importance of Scheduling Annual, Eye Exams

A few years ago, my dear maternal grandmother visited an optometrist. After thoroughly examining my grandmother’s eyes, this medical professional informed her that she had cataracts in both of them. Concerned, my grandmother immediately made an appointment with a surgeon. The two surgeries to remove the cataracts from my grandmother’s eyes were successful. Scheduling annual eye exams is crucial. During these appointments, your optometrist will check for potentially harmful conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, retinal detachment, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. On this blog, I hope you will discover the most important reasons you should visit your eye doctor every year. Enjoy!


The Importance of Scheduling Annual, Eye Exams

Smart Fitness Glasses: Will They Be Right For You In The Future?

Stella Harvey

If you're concerned about your vision and physical health, you may do all you can to protect and keep them safe, even try new things. Innovators in eye care plan to create smart eyeglasses that not only improve your vision, but also monitor and track your fitness levels when you run, walk, or engage in another type of exercise. The eyewear may also help detect health problems that have the potential to affect vision, including diabetes. Here's more information about smart fitness glasses of the future and what you can do to stay in shape and keep your eyes healthy now.

What Are Smart Fitness Glasses?

Smart technology isn't new. It's used for cell phones, tablets, and even home security. But some optical companies now plan to use smart technology to help people with vision problems and concerns about their physical health. If you have a medical problem that damages the nerves and tissues of your eyes, you may benefit from wearing smart glasses. For instance, diabetes can cause numerous health problems with the tissues of your eyes. If you don't find these issues early enough, they can cause vision loss.

The new eyeglasses will rely on Bluetooth technology and special programming to monitor both your vision and physical health. If changes occur in both areas, the eyeglasses record them. The data may allow eye doctors and other specialists to diagnose and treat you in the future. 

Until smart glasses reach mainstream, take others steps to protect your eyes and physical health now.

How Can You Keep Your Vision and Fitness in Check?

One of the best ways to protect your vision and health is to see an eye doctor regularly. An optometrist can perform a comprehensive eye exam that can help locate cataracts, astigmatisms, and other diseases and ailments of the eyes. If a doctor does locate a problem, they can replace your current eyewear with something stronger or more effective.

To protect your physical health, do anywhere from 75 to 150 minutes of cardiovascular exercises a week. It's also important that you strength train twice a week for maximum benefits. If you're concerned about overdoing it, develop a plan that allows you to rest and recover between sessions. As you increase in stamina and ability, you can add more time to your workout sessions.

If you want to learn more about protecting your vision and physical health, consult with an optometrist today.